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Open Letter from a Student: Access Business College

Start a second career with 
Access Business College:
An Open Letter from a Student.

My name is Sherika Alexander and I’m a single mother of four.

Before enrolling at Access Business College, I was a manager at McDonalds located in the Jane and Finch area, a neighbourhood well known for often being in the news.

One day I was called into the store manager’s office, and handed a pink slip saying I was being laid off. I was a responsible, hard-working and reliable employee, but couldn’t escape the employee cuts. Right away, my world turned upside down.

After losing my job I lost my husband because I was unable to help provide for our family and I ended up in a shelter. One day, I decided to drop off resumes at the Jane and Finch Mall and came across the JVS Toronto career centre. I went in to browse the job posting board and came across a flyer about second career opportunities for laid off employees. I took the flyer and went on to the government website to research more about the Second Career Ontario Education Program and the education institutions that support it.

I called community colleges and lots of private colleges. One of the colleges I called was Access Business College. I spoke with the director and explained my situation. She invited me to come to the school and sit in on some of the classes to get an idea of the environment and teaching style the school embraces.

When I arrived, teachers and students knew me by name and that alone made me feel welcome. After my visit, and doing all of the paper work for second careers, I enrolled at Access Business College. The knowledgeable teaching staff and very structured business administration diploma program prepared me for my second career. Six months before graduation I was taught how to compose a customized resume for each position, a cover letter and interview techniques. Upon graduation I was prepared for my job search.

I want to thank Access Business College for providing some of the best teachers to help me with questions and concerns and for the one-on-one discussions. I want to thank the government for putting the second career program in place so that laid off employees like myself can go back to school not only to make a difference in my life but also my kids. If it was not for the second career program I would not have been able to afford to go back to school and receive my diploma. Thank you for supporting the adult education and students in putting our best foot forward in accomplishing our dreams.
-Sherika Alexander
Access Business College Graduate

Access Business College provides post-secondary and mature students with the tools necessary to succeed in business, arts and design programs. Whether you lost your job or looking to embark on a new career path, the college continues to strive to be the best second career college in Toronto. For information about programs offered at Access Business College and to learn more about government funding, please visit or call 416 510 2739.

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