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Expert Exchange: A conversation with trucking employer Kriska Holdings Ltd.

Upgrading or choosing a new career path can be difficult. That's why triOS College is working with hundreds of corporate partners, like Kriska, to make the transition into employment easier for graduates. In addition, triOS is working with these partners to shape curriculum.  Recently, triOS College CEO, Frank Gerencser, sat down with Kriska's Recruiting Manager Caroline Blais to discuss industry needs and career opportunities.

triOS: What does Kriska look for in a new driver?

Kriska: We look for individuals that understand the difference between having a licence and being a true professional. Our industry is shaped by the behaviour of truck drivers. Being safe and courteous are key responsibilities and we need to make sure that the people we hire recognize this.

triOS: What do you look for when you review an applicant’s resume? 

Kriska: Most of the drivers we hire are new to the industry. As such, I make sure the driver has received training from a Ministry-approved program at a registered college.
If they went to a fly-by-night, illegal trucking school, we suggest they consider re-training in a registered program.
We believe that the investment the student makes in their education is just as important as the investment we make in them as an employee.

triOS: Give us your perspective on the Professional Transport Operator + Internship program at triOS College. 

Kriska: This program is very unique. It's the first program that adds a whole other dimension to the training that new drivers receive.
It goes beyond teaching them to operate the equipment to get their A-Z licence, and focuses on the many layers of the industry.
We believe this knowledge will produce better employees because they will understand how their actions impact other areas of the business. For example, if drivers are delayed, they will understand how a late delivery affects service levels and how service levels shape customer relationships.

triOS: There are some schools that offer truck driver training as low as $1,000 - $2,000. What is your perspective on this type of training?

Kriska: A graduate of a discount school would have a difficult time qualifying for our training program or being hired by our company. Many discount programs eliminate important information, making the training insufficient.
Our new employees go through a training program built upon the foundation they would have received through our partnered schools. Our training program is an investment and we look for graduates that have in-truck training and in-class instruction.
We also prefer that people have an understanding of all parts of our business such as the Transportation of Dangerous Goods, Border Crossing Procedures and Hours of Service regulations.
Ultimately, we are looking for candidates that are prepared to start their career by making an investment in themselves by attending a credible school recognized by our industry.

triOS: What makes Kriska different from an employer / employee relationship? How do you treat your drivers differently than others?
Kriska: We know that being an over the road driver is not easy, so we spend time communicating with our drivers.
We survey them for feedback on key issues like pay, benefits, home / worklife balance and conduct regular wage comparisons to ensure our drivers are very well compensated.
Our drivers can also explore various career options including training, becoming an owner-operator, or moving into an internal position. We know our methods work because in 2012, we were recognized as one of North America's 20 Best Fleets To Drive For.
We have a very good safety record, good equipment and a great reputation in the industry.
We want to hire individuals with similar values, so we make significant investments in our School Partners Program and the Voluntary Commercial Tractor-Trailer Driver Apprenticeship program. both Programs help us stay connected to new graduates and Ministry-approved schools.

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About Kriska Holdings Limited
Established in 1978, the Kriska Group of Companies is a privately held, family owned Canadian corporation. By adopting innovation early, Kriska is prepared and equipped to deliver continuous growth and improvement to their customers. As an eight-time winner of the Shipper's Choice Award and a Platinum Club Member of Canada's 50 Best Managed Companies, Kriska is a truckload specialist company committed to reliable and efficient North America wide access

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