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Is a Career College right for you?

Is a Career College right for you?
by Alix Matthews-Mahe - Media Communications Coordinator
Ontario Association of Career Colleges

For many, the month of September means “back to school.” If you’re considering pursuing post-secondary education in Ontario, there is a sea of high-quality choices available to you. While most are familiar with the functioning of universities and community colleges, you might be surprised at what career colleges have to offer.

Career colleges have been providing quality post-secondary education in Ontario for over 140 years. Now with over 600 campus locations across the province and a variety of program offerings, it’s no wonder that every year more than 60,000 students in Ontario choose to attend a career college. 

Here are 6 reasons a career college might be the right fit for you:

1.  Variety of career specific programs
With programs ranging from computer technology to personal support worker; policing to hair styling; and massage therapy to paralegal, there is something for everyone no matter which career path you are interested in.
2.  Shorter duration
The length of career college programs range from a few months to under two years with an average duration of 9 months, getting you into the career you choose quickly.
3.  Continuous  intake
If you’re not ready to start classes in September, career college programs have start dates year-round. Many schools even offer programs with monthly intakes, so you can decide what timing works best for you.
4.  Age range
Although some choose to attend a career college directly out of high school, the average age of a career college student is 27 and 30 per cent are over the age of 35. The variety of age groups ensures you’ll fit in no matter what the date on your birth certificate reads.
5.  Smaller class sizes
Due to small annual enrolments and continuous intakes, student-teacher ratios are very low allowing for more personalized instruction.
6.  Close to home
There’s no need for long commutes! With over 600 career college campuses dotted across the province in small, medium, and large communities, there is likely a career college just down the street from where you live.
If you think a career college is the right fit for you, find a registered career college near you by using the Service Ontario website. Book a college tour to get a feel for what it would be like going back to school at an Ontario career college.
Established in 1973, the Ontario Association of Career Colleges is a provincial voice for career colleges. OACC has over 280 members who contribute to the province's economy by training a majority of the 60,000 students who enroll in career colleges annually in hundreds of essential, skilled fields. Visit our website at or find us on Facebook and Twitter.

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